HOA Board

Oakbrook's HOA is completely volunteer-run by residents of the neighborhood. Our five board members serve two-year terms and are elected at the Annual HOA Meeting each autumn. The  Board meets once a month to handle the on-going business of the HOA.

Vision Statement

We envision a community of neighbors working together through a voluntary association to achieve a higher quality of life and increased property values. Our intention is a neighborhood that's desirable to residents and non-residents as a place to live and enjoy family, friends, and community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life through management of common areas, enforcement of the covenants and rules, and support of initiatives that strengthen the bond among residents.

Oakbrook HOA Board Members

Interim President

Marci Meyer

Term to be confirmed at upcoming Annual Homeowner Meeting


  • Presides over the monthly HOA board meetings
  • Presides over the annual HOA meeting
  • Helps plan and implement community events
  • Helps respond to resident questions
  • Writes the President's Message for the quarterly newsletter.


Joe Chalupa

Term expires November 2022


  • Attends the monthly HOA board meetings
  • Serves as liaison between the HOA Board and the Covenant Committee
  • Schedules and presides over Covenant Committee meetings
  • Helps the committee members enforce covenants and respond to resident queries
  • Writes the Covenant Corner of the quarterly newsletter


Joanne Johnson

Term expires November 2021


  • Attends the monthly HOA board meetings
  • Leadership of HOA finances
  • Manage bank accounts, PayPal, paper check deposits, and check-writing
  • For annual dues drive, enter renewal details into database
  • Report to Board at monthly meeting on state of finances


Ashley Hudson

Term expires November 2022


  • Attends the monthly HOA board meetings
  • Note taking and agenda flow for all HOA Board meetings
  • Assist in general administrative duties as needed/requested
  • Picks up quarterly newsletters from printer and delivers to Section Leaders for distribution

Communications Director Pro Tem

Jessica Mendes Ford

Term expired November 2020


  • Attends the monthly HOA board meetings
  • Compiles the quarterly HOA newsletter
  • Creates content for our online communities on Facebook and NextDoor
  • Maintains the Oakbrook HOA website
  • Handles the relationship with the printer and community business partners for events
  • Responds to emails from residents, realtors, and city officials

Oakbrook Covenant Committee

Our Covenant Committee is led by the Vice-President of the Board and consists of Oakbrook residents who want to maintain the standards of our shared covenants throughout the neighborhood. The Covenant Committee meets about once a month to review potential covenant violations and project approval requests. 

The HOA does not publish the names of Covenant Committee members. If you're interested in joining the Covenant Committee, reach out to get more information.

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