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This page is your first resource for finding answers to common questions from Oakbrook residents. If you don't find your question below, please contact us.


Where can I find the covenants?

You can access the Oakbrook Covenants here or by clicking on the "Covenants" link in the navigation bar of this website above. If you'd prefer a printed copy of the Oakbrook Covenants, please reach out to the Covenant Committee.

Do I have to follow the covenants?

Yes, Oakbrook is a covenant community; therefore, all residents of Oakbrook must abide by the covenants. Although being a voting member of the HOA is optional, following the covenants is mandatory. Additionally, most of our Oakbrook Covenants are based on City of Littleton code.When we all do our part to comply with the covenants, the neighborhood as a whole benefits from attractive houses and yards, and our home values tend to be higher.

The most common reason that residents are in violation of the covenants is that they simply didn't realize it. Many covenant violations are relatively easy to resolve. However, if you receive a covenant violation notice and refuse to comply, the HOA can take action as a result.

Do I need HOA approval for renovations to my house or property?

Yes, many renovation projects require approval by the Covenant Committee to ensure that your updates adhere to the covenants and maintain Oakbrook's aesthetic standards. You can submit your project proposal via an online form. The Covenant Committee has 30 days to respond, either to approve your project or to ask clarifying questions.

How are covenant violations handled?

There are two aspects of covenant violations: the identification of violations and the enforcement of covenants.

Covenant Violation Identification

Covenant violations can be identified in two ways:

  • Covenant Committee members make note of violations on their random rounds of the neighborhood.
  • Residents submit potential covenant violations that they observe during their comings and goings through Oakbrook. If you want to report a possible covenant violation -- or if you want to know whether your property might be in violation of a covenant -- submit this form to the Covenant Committee.

Covenant Violation Enforcement

The Covenant Committee meets about once a month to review potential covenant violations they've noticed or that have been sent in by residents. They verify whether or not a concern is an actual violation against our Oakbrook Covenants document.

When there is a covenant violation, the Covenant Committee sends a violation notice to the resident, either via email or snail mail or both. If the first contact receives no reply and the violation continues, a second or third covenant violation notice will be sent. As Covenant Committee Lead, the HOA Vice-President may personally reach out to the resident to attempt to resolve the issue.

If, after multiple attempts at resolution are unsuccessful, the resident remains in violation of the covenants, the HOA may take legal action to charge a fine to the resident or, in extreme cases, place a  lien on the property.

It's worth noting that many of our Oakbrook Covenants reflect City of Littleton code, so violations of those covenants may also result in action from the city's Code Enforcement department.


How do I submit a dues payment?

To pay your annual dues (currently $35.00), write a check payable to Oakbrook Homeowners Association. Mail your payment to:

Oakbrook HOA
P.O. Box 3544
Littleton, CO 80161

Alternatively, you can pay online here:

Please note that there's an small service fee to use PayPal for your dues payment.

Why should I pay dues?

The Oakbrook HOA depends on contributions from homeowners to ensure the neighborhood remains a great place to live. Your dues support mundane tasks -- such as enforcing the covenants and landscaping of common areas -- as well as fun community activities like food truck events, neighborhood contests, National Night Out, and the garage sale. Plus, paying dues ensures that you have the right to vote at the annual HOA meeting on board members and changes to the covenants.

Food Truck Nights

When is the next Oakbrook Food Truck Night?

Oakbrook Food Truck Nights take place from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Mondays beginning May 4, 2020. Check our Google Calendar, Oakbrook Neighbors Facebook Group, and NextDoor for exact dates each summer. Menus will be posted on Facebook and NextDoor a few days prior to the event.

Where is the next Oakbrook Food Truck Night?

Oakbrook's Food Truck Nights is located in front of the open space at 501-517 E. Kettle Ave. Please do not park there to allow the trucks easy access and to maintain a safe space for families to purchase and enjoy their food. The HOA does not have a permit to close the road, so please do not park or hang out in the right of way.

Service Model of Safety

During our "stay at home" and "safer at home" lock-downs, we must follow special guidelines to ensure the health and safety of Oakbrook neighbors and food truck workers.

  • All orders and payments are online. Many food trucks use Truckster, so you may need to download the Truckster app to order and pay for your food. 
  • Abide by social distancing guidelines when picking up your food. Maintain at least a six-foot distance between yourself and other neighbors. Wear a cloth mask or face covering.
  • Do not hang out around the food trucks. This is not a gathering event. Until further notice, Food Truck Nights are an opportunity for you to support local business and take a night off from your kitchen.

How are the food trucks selected?

The Oakbrook HOA works with a food truck broker to organize our summer Food Truck Nights. Our broker will send one savory food truck and one sweet food truck (when possible) to our events. The HOA does not pay any fees to either the broker or the trucks. The only cost to Oakbrook residents is the cost of the food you choose to purchase from these trucks.

Are Food Truck Nights open to non-Oakbrook residents?

Absolutely! More people attending our Food Truck Nights means the food trucks will earn more money and want to come back to our events. Plus, our food truck broker determines which trucks, and how many, to send to each neighborhood based on attendance and how much business each truck does at each event.


Where can I find old editions of the Oakbrook HOA Newsletter?

You can find PDF versions of prior newsletters on our blog by clicking "Home" in the navigation menu above or access prior online editions of the Oakbrook HOA Newsletter here.


What schools serve the Oakbrook neighborhood?

Oakbrook is in the Littleton Public School district. Our neighborhood is zoned for the following schools:
  • Heritage High School
  • Powell Middle School
  • Hopkins Elementary School
You can find more information about these schools here.

Trash Service Deals

Which waste disposal companies provide discounted rates to Oakbrook residents?

The Oakbrook HOA has negotiated a discounted trash and recycling pickup rate with Waste Connections of Colorado. As of January 8, 2020, that discounted rate, paid quarterly, amounts to $14.00 per month. However, please be aware that Waste Connections notified the HOA that a slight rate increase will occur in the near future due to the increasing costs of waste disposal. Once we receive confirmation of the new rate, we'll post it here.

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