HOA Dues

How do I submit a dues payment?

To pay your annual dues (currently $35.00), write a check payable to Oakbrook Homeowners Association. Mail your payment to:

Oakbrook HOA
P.O. Box 3544
Littleton, CO 80161

Alternatively, you can pay online here:

Please note that there may be a small service fee to use this convenient online option for your dues payment.

Why should I pay dues?

The Oakbrook HOA depends on contributions from homeowners to ensure the neighborhood remains a great place to live. Your dues support the HOA's efforts to ensure Oakbrook remains a great place to live and to keep our home values up. The HOA uses dues income to pay for:
  • Newsletter printing
  • HOA website
  • Dumpster Days
  • Food Truck Nights
  • Oakbrook sign upkeep
  • Weed control in common areas
  • Contests like Holiday Lights and Pride in Oakbrook
  • Block parties for National Night Out and other occasions
  • Supplies for community service, like the Lee Gulch cleanup
  • Legal assistance with covenant enforcement
When Oakbrook HOA first started, dues payments were mandatory. Several years ago, the membership voted to make dues payments voluntary. However, the HOA relies on dues payments to pay for the many costs, listed above, that help maintain our community and quality of life.

The confusion some residents experience is falsely believing that not paying dues exempts them from the covenants. That is not the case. Every resident of Oakbrook must abide by the covenants regardless of dues-paying status. However, if you choose not to pay your dues, then you are giving up your right to vote at the annual homeowners meetings  on covenant and by-laws issues as well as elected HOA board members. 

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