Your Oakbrook HOA wants to hear from you! To make sure we address your concerns in a timely manner, please read the following info to make sure your message gets to the right place.

Connect with Your Neighbors

General Inquiries

If you have general questions about Oakbrook that weren't answered on our FAQ page, send an email to the HOA Board. Keep in mind that all HOA members are volunteers, and they'll respond to your message as soon as they can. Or reach out via snail mail. A board member checks the mail box about twice per month.

Oakbrook HOA
P.O. Box 3544
Littleton, CO 80161

Covenant Committee

If you'd like more information about the covenants or if you're interested in joining the Covenant Committee, send an email to learn more.

Submit a Covenant Violation Complaint

If you suspect that you or a neighbor has a covenant violation, complete this form to send the potential violation for the Covenant Committee to review.

Please be aware that the Covenant Committee will handle next steps directly with the resident and/or the homeowners. You won't receive updates about the handling of covenant enforcement.

Submit a Project Proposal Approval Request

Getting a new fence? Replacing your roof? Adding a shed? Make sure your new project complies with the covenants -- simply complete this form to submit a request for project proposal approval. Please include as much information and detail as possible so the committee can make an informed decision about your project.

The Covenant Committee will review your proposal at one of their regularly scheduled meetings and get back to you with approval or questions for clarification. If you do not receive a response within 30 days of sending your request, then feel free to proceed with your project.

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