Voting Results from the 2020 Annual Meeting

Like a lot of things in 2020, the Oakbrook HOA's Annual Meeting looked a little different because of the pandemic. The HOA board hosted an online meeting via Zoom video conference that was also streamed live on October 28, 2020 at 7:30 pm. 

The Voting Process

Our HOA By-Laws declare the voting membership of the HOA to be homeowners. Section 2.7 defines a quorum as the members present at a meeting and states that an affirmative vote by the majority of members represented at the meeting is an act of the membership. Proxy voting is also permitted for members who are unable to attend a meeting.

The HOA board wanted to ensure that all Oakbrook homeowners had an opportunity to vote. Knowing that the previous system of tallying in-person votes and accepting proxy votes by email would be impractical in 2020, a new system was devised: the vote cards.

A total of 460 vote cards were delivered to all residents and homeowners in Oakbrook, including renters and landlords. Although renters are not entitled to vote in HOA matters, the board felt that attempting to withhold vote cards from renters would complicate the delivery of newsletters and vote cards for our volunteers. Instead, a checkbox was included on the vote cards to indicate "renter" or "homeowner." Furthermore, the board was interested to see what our renters' opinions would be regarding the proposed Covenant amendments. 

Ultimately, no renters sent in their vote cards and very few homeowners did. As with any type of vote, the governing board cannot force members to exercise their right to vote. Therefore, the HOA board must respect homeowners' choice to abstain from voting in HOA board member elections, for proposed Covenant amendments, or for other matters that are brought to a vote in annual or special meetings.

The Results

HOA President Pro Tem Ben Burke collected vote cards from the HOA post office box and tallied the results. The HOA received 30 vote cards from Oakbrook homeowners.

Covenant Amendments

There were two proposed Covenant amendments for Use Restrictions: Short-Term Rental Use and Residential Renewable Energy Technology. 

  • Short-Term Rental Use passed with 27 "yes" votes and four "no" votes.
  • Residential Renewable Energy Technology passed with 22 "yes" votes," eight "no" votes, and one abstention.

You can read the new Covenants in Article III, Sections 23-24 of our Oakbrook Covenants

HOA Board Elections

Directors on the HOA board have two-year staggered terms. In 2020, the terms of President, Vice-President, and Communications Director were ending. However, we also had a volunteer for the role of Secretary, and the previous Secretary was willing to step down to make way for the new volunteer.

The nominees and vote totals for HOA board positions are as follows:


  • Bill Barrett -- one vote (nomination declined)
  • Jessica Ford -- four votes (nomination declined)


  • Joe Chalupa -- 24 votes (nomination accepted)

Communications Director

  • Jessica Ford -- two votes (nomination declined; serving pro tem)
  • John Ford -- one vote (nomination declined)


  • Ashley Hudson -- 23 votes (nomination accepted)

Anyone in Oakbrook may nominate someone for a board spot. However, nominees are not mandated to accept a position on the HOA board, so even though there were nominees for all the open board spots, no one accepted the nominations for President or Communications Director. Ben Burke and Jessica Ford have graciously agreed to continue in the roles of President and Communications Director, respectively, on a pro tem basis until a new volunteer steps into those roles.

If you are interested in a position on the HOA board, please email to learn more.

The Annual Meeting

Per our HOA By-Laws, Section 2.4, notice of the meeting was distributed to all Oakbrook homeowners and residents via multiple formats more than 10 but fewer than 50 days before the meeting. The print edition of the newsletter, which included a vote card for each household, was hand-delivered to every home in Oakbrook during the first 10 days of the month of October. A PDF version of the print edition was posted on our blog on October 10th, the same day that the email edition of the newsletter went out to our subscribers. Although the e-newsletter did not contain a vote card, it did include information about the voting process and a reminder to look for the vote card in the print edition of the newsletter. 

Details about the Annual Meeting were also shared on our Google Community Calendar, in our Facebook group, and on NextDoor. Finally, the HOA Communications Director mailed copies of the meeting notice, proposed Covenant Amendments, and vote cards to all homeowners of rental properties in Oakbrook with addresses outside of Oakbrook on file.

The Zoom video conference call had 19 participants. Since the meeting was also livestreamed, the HOA board does not know how many people viewed the meeting without directly participating in the Zoom call. The Annual Meeting slide deck was shared on our blog and on our social media channels on October 29th, the day following the meeting. An Annual Meeting recap was shared in our January 2021 Newsletter.

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