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2020 Year-End Financial Summaries

 Oakbrook HOA Treasurer Joanne Johnson compiled the following financial summaries explaining our revenue and expenses for the 2020 fiscal year. Feel free to reach out to her directly if you have questions.

Voting Results from the 2020 Annual Meeting

Like a lot of things in 2020, the Oakbrook HOA's Annual Meeting looked a little different because of the pandemic. The HOA board hosted an online meeting via Zoom video conference that was also streamed live on October 28, 2020 at 7:30 pm.  The Voting Process Our HOA By-Laws declare the voting membership of the HOA to be homeowners. Section 2.7 defines a quorum as the members present at a meeting and states that an affirmative vote by the majority of members represented at the meeting is an act of the membership. Proxy voting is also permitted for members who are unable to attend a meeting. The HOA board wanted to ensure that all Oakbrook homeowners had an opportunity to vote. Knowing that the previous system of tallying in-person votes and accepting proxy votes by email would be impractical in 2020, a new system was devised: the vote cards. A total of 460 vote cards were delivered to all residents and homeowners in Oakbrook, including renters and landlords. Although renters are n

Oakbrook HOA Newsletter 2021 Quarter 1

View the PDF copy of the Winter 2021 Oakbrook HOA Newsletter.