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Vision Statement

We envision a community of neighbors working together through a voluntary association to achieve a higher quality of life and increased property values. Our intention is a neighborhood that's desirable to residents and non-residents as a place to live and enjoy family, friends, and community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life through management of common areas, enforcement of the covenants and rules, and support of initiatives that strengthen the bond among residents.

Annual Dues

The annual dues for membership in the Oakbrook Homeowners Association are $35.00.

As residents, we're expected to do what we can to help make Oakbrook one of the best neighborhoods in the Denver Metro.

To pay your annual membership dues, simply write a check payable to Oakbrook Homeowners Association, then mail your payment to P.O. Box 3544, Littleton, CO 80161. 
Or, for your convenience, you can now pay your dues online.  


How is the Oakbrook HOA spending your money?

Take a look at our budget to see how membership dues are spent to maintain and improve the neighborhood.

Oakbrook Homeowners Association Budget for 2019

Item                                                      2019 Budget Estimate  

Contests & Awards                         $ 225

License & Permits                           $ 100

Website                                            $ 400

Newsletters                                     $ 500

D & O Insurance                              $ 900

Grounds Keeping                            $ 650

Advertising (Garage Sale)             $ 150

Dumpster Days                               $ 750

Socials & National Night Out       $ 200

Postage & Delivery                        $ 320

Legal Fees                                       $ 1,000

Rent Expense                                 $ 0

Sign Maintenance                         $ 500

Covenant Committee                   $ 150

Misc. Expenses                               $ 100

Totals:                                                  $ 5,945

 Thank you very much for the continued support of your Oakbrook Homeowners Association!


Littleton, Colorado 80122

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